Chrimbus in July going down this Saturday at Tri Star at 8pm, time to get weird on the spine.

Chrimbus in July going down this Saturday at Tri Star at 8pm, time to get weird on the spine.

Boardin’ at the 3 Starz compound. Film/edit: Chad Butler.

The Assault Video is the first full length feature from Assault Skateboards and was primarily filmed and edited by Ohio’s own Jeff Biedenbach. Watch Wildman and the rest of the team ripping.

Just an update from the Kent/Cleveland area’s finest pikesmen. Thanks to everyone who posted photos on facebook for me to steal.

Wildman’s part celebrating his debut board for Assault Skates. Edited by Jeff Biedenbach.

Chrimbus Bash 2013 as seen in Condensed Flesh Issue 5. Skaters in order of appearance: Sammy Snellenberger, Bob Fresh, Danny Direnzo, Mike Freiberg, Kyle Betsa, Pat Haleen, Charlie Collins, Ricardo, Young Dave, Matt Marlatt, Jake Schwartz, Bob Hahn, Nick Mrosko, Nic Rataiczak. 

Thanks to Tri Star and Condensed Flesh.

Filmed and edited by Chinner.

Condensed Flesh chronicles a radical chunk of Cleveland skateboarding. Check out issue 5 here featuring a short recap of the Chrimbus Bash, plenty of ripping from pikesmen Nic Rat, Free Bird, and more. This one rules.

Free Bird, Wildman, Uncle Sammy, and more ripping some private indoor goodness somewhere in Southern Ohio.

fredhirschmanphoto Chrimbus Bash pics 3/3. Thanks to everyone who came out and contributed to a kick-ass night for NE Ohio skating.

fredhirschmanphoto pics from the Chrimbus Bash 2/3

Chrimbus Bash photos from fredhirschmanphoto 1/3

Art from the Chrimbus Bash, an art show presented by Pike Dreamz and Tri Star featuring art by Seth Robinson, Dale Busta, Chinner, Fred Hirschman, Cory Trayer, EJ Vasko, AJ Turley, and Nate Druss. Photos pictured are Illustrations by Seth Robinson, photos by Chinner, and concrete by Dale Busta.

5th set of photos from the bash.

Group #4 of pics from the Chrimbus Bash.

Batch #3 from the Chrimbus Bash, Dec. 20th, 2013.